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Can you recalibrate your cluster panel?

I own a 2003 Buick Lesabre and I recently replaced the light bulbs on the cluster panel. When I disassembled the cluster panel to get to the circuit board, I didn’t mark where the guages were pointing. I thought I would be able to recalibrate it myself easily but I was wrong… is there a way that I could recalibrate it? Could a shop recalibrate it? Could I replace the stepper motors? Or do I just have to buy a new cluster panel? Hindsight, I regret not watching a YouTube video on how to take a cluster panel apart.

I’m going to guess you disconnected the battery when doing the replacement?

Drive it for a while and see if the cluster comes alive.


Nope I did not disconnect the battery, I don’t really do that unless I’m working with electrical components in the engine. I had to have the battery on anyways to make sure the light bulbs were installed the correct way since LEDs are polarity sensitive. All the gauges work (with the exception of my temp gauge which was working fine before I did the fix). When I adjust them, they’re fine and accurate enough until I turn the car off. Once I start it back up, they’re off again. They are off kilter again.