2000 Buick Park Avenue Instrument Cluster


My gas gauge has stuck 3 times after my battery died or I got a new battery. Twice Buick “reposistioned” it ($97 & $55), but now they say I need a new cluster for $650. Same problem - different solution. Anyone know something I don’t. Thank you


my stepdaugher have a 1998 park avenue,that doing the same thing.the temperture,gauge is stuck,the dealer say,it need a new cluster.


Who is “they”? Well, whoever “they” are, you should get a second opinion. It sounds like “they” are guessing and aren’t sure what the problem is. “They” might be right, but it’s impossible to tell from this distance. Find another dealer or ask friends, neighbors, and associates who does good electrical work on GM cars. If you live on the west side of Baltimore, I have a shop for you.


They is the Buick Dealer who fixed it the first two times. I do plan to get another opinion. Meanwhile, I drove 500 miles this week-end (from Orlando to Boca Raton and back) and didn’t run out of gas. The PA has a button you push that tells you how much further you can go. Not sure how accurate it is. It said I had close to 100 miles and the low gas light came on. I was within 1 miles of home. Pretty good. Thanks for your help. Sorry I’m not close to Baltimore


Do you have any idea what the charge was? Thanks for your answer.