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Electrical and guage

2000 Buick Park Avenue.3800 engine

Battery went dead after trying to jump. Purchased new battery, installed. The fuel gauge and the tempurature gauge rotated all the way around and hit the pin that the gauges normally rests on. Therefore, it is blocked from operating correctly and registering actual fuel and tempurature. Is there a way to return gauges to normal position without tearing the dash out?

It is typically possible to remove the cluster on any car (I have not done yours) and then you can remove the cover.

Look around the housing that the cluster sits in for retaining screws then use some type of hook or thin metal (I use a feeler gague) to break the bond to the dash and pull the cluster. Steering wheel position is critical.

I don’t like the idea of holes in the cluster cover but it works.

I wonder. Is it possible that when it was jumped someone hooked up the cables backwards?