Can you help me decipher these 2 noises my Accord is making? (audio within)

I would really appreciate some insight. My 2009 Honda Accord (112k miles) started making two puzzling noises today and I’m at a loss:

  1. The first is a low buzz/hum whenever I turn on the headlights or low beam lights. It never goes away until I turn off the headlights or the car. It seems to be coming from the passenger side of the car. The headlights still turn on fine.
  2. A few minutes after the headlight-related buzz started, I started hearing a soft ticking coming from my dashboard. It’s vaguely similar to the sound of the turn indicator, but much more muted. It also isn’t going away.

I uploaded both noises in the audio clip linked below. You’ll first hear the soft tick behind the dashboard, then I turn on the lights and you’ll hear the buzz join in:

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Of course, I want to take it to the mechanic, but I’m a little short on funds until next week, so I was hoping someone could shed light into what this might be, especially if it’s something I may be able to troubleshoot myself. How worried should I be? Thanks so much!

To me it seems that it might be a headlight relay going bad. check your fuse box and touch each relay and you should be able to feel a vibration from the humming sound to tell which one is doing it.