Honda Accord Ignition trouble

In the past few weeks I have noticed that as I turn the ignition of my 2007 Honda Accord, I hear a strange electrical arcing/clicking sound coming from the steering column. The car starts normally and the sound goes away once the engine has started. I have taken the car to my mechanic and had the ignition checked out and they could not find anything wrong. Has anyone else had the same experience or can identify the source of this noise/fault? Thanks.

I have to assume they did not hear the sound. It is definitely to me something that should be looked at.

Actually the technicians & mechanics at the shop did hear the sound. Every time the engine is started you can hear it. They did not charge me to perform the diagnostic service. That is why I came to Car Talk to try to get some new ideas.

“your mechanic”;
needs a second opinion. Maybe even a trip to a dealership.

In searching for a second opinion (thanks dagosa), I took my car to see a qualified auto electrician today in Fairfax, VA who I was referred to. A really great guy who immediately came out to diagnose the noise in my car. He found the noise is coming from a relay, which is in the circuit associated with the key buzzer/alarm. He didn’t want to charge me for his service either. I highly recommend this guy for anyone who needs an auto electrician in Northern VA.