Can someone tell me what car this is?

I was wondering if someone could tell me what this car was???


No, it’s a '70ish Barracuda. The Challenger has dual headlights.


Looks like Spiderman’s Barracuda; it climbs walls sideways!

Looks like a 1971 Barracuda.

It’s either an early 70’s Challenger with a Barracuda grill/headlight assembly or an early 70’s Barracuda with a Challenger hood. I love the way some of these street rodders mix and match their show cars.

no. I think its all cuda. google images had several with that hood, but I only saw one with that hood and grll. was definitely vintage. you have to look closely, but its there

Looks like a fun event. Nice variety of stuff. Not museum exotica, just the kind of cars guys wanted when they were young and can now buy (for inflated prices, because so many like them.) . The cuda is especially pretty.