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Can someone tell me the name of this tool?

Please tell me the name of this tool. (in English)

Here is one video that someone used this tool to repair his AUDI: Min: 4:25

What tool?

Are you talking about the digital calipers?


No man I’m talking about the gold-colored tool in the photo. Watch the video in 4:30 Min and you will see the tool I’m talking about

That’s a special press to remove and install the bushings for the control arm.

Unless you plan to replace a lot of these control arm bushings, it’s better to take it to shop that has this tool, and let them replace it.


Actually I need this tool for my uncle, he is an auto mechanic. So I have to buy this tool for him. Do you have any idea where I can find one of these, any online store?

That is a ball joint pinch bolt press. Special service tools like that are made for a specific application for the vehicle manufacture and may not be available from common tool supply companies. You may have to purchase it from the tool manufacture that produces tools for VW/Audi, it will likely cost well over $100.

Most people would improvise, perhaps with a hammer and brass drift.

Yeah I thought it was the caliper first too. $2 for the plastic version and then broke down and spent $15 from Menards for the digital one. I actual prefer the plastic one except for precision.

I think that press is when you’d get the welder out and just make one.

Germain cars are known for their specialty tools which is why some shops don’t want to work on them.

You may have to get one off of a tool truck.
You could try ECS tuning on the net. They sell some Germain tools.

Looks like they’re doing nothing more with the tool than pressing out a pinch bolt. That can be done without splurging on a specialty tool.

With a little care along with a brass drift and hammer you could accomplish the same thing; assuming obscenely bad rust is not an issue.

Try El Paso tools on the internet . . . they specialize in tools for european vehicles

I believe they have an ebay store

I generally agree with OK4450. You may even be able to jury rig some type of a ball joint press. But the OP said it is for his uncle who has a Repair shop. If you are a professional and will likely work on more Audi/VW cars it is worth getting the correct tool. No doubt, you will run into cars with mucho rust.

Do an internet search for Germain auto specialty tools and you will find a number of companies that sell tools for this market segment. You may have to call them to get what you need but I bet you will find it.

Good Luck

here’s a few more places, but they don’t sell cheap stuff . . .


Baum tools

All that to replace the wiper blades…

I think the narrator said that the tool was a “Frozenboltzenoutzenpressentoolzen”.

or “bolt press”. Gives me an idea for a project some day when I have nothing better to do.


That tool seems very similar to a common c-clamp, but more compact in shape. If access weren’t a problem a c-clamp might could be rigged up to do the same job.

Cannot one replace the parts for less than the cost of the tool?

I have several drifts for my air hammer that would likely remove that bolt post haste.

Is this kinda what you’re looking for?

You can rent them at O’Reilly’s, so you can actually walk in and get yer hands on it before you buy one.

That device is much larger than the tool needed @chaissos. There isn’t a ram/reciever small enough to move that bolt.

I think a pitman arm puller might work for this job. The ball joint removal set might work, but you might have to make a couple of special adapters for it using common nuts, bolts and washers.