A Handy Tool

For anyone who services balljoints/struts/halfshafts, or when dealing with lower control arms, heres a tool that makes this job a lot easier than trying to adapt various pry bars.

I fabricated one of these and used it. Works great!



Let’s try this


Tester do you know what percentage of cars this tool will work on? At the Volvo dealership we pretty much have it down pat w/o a tool like this, but I can see where it would really help in an independent shop if it works on a majority of applications. By the way, how much?

Oh, I just re-read your post. It looks like it wouldn’t be to hard to make. How many different applications have you used it on?

My local CarQuest parts store sells this tool for $170.00.


I’ve been in this business for 25+ years and I can’t remember how many special tools I’ve had to make to complete a repair. In most cases I’m well into a job before I realize I need a special tool, so my options are to wait a couple of hours for a tool truck to come by or make the tool.

If you want to make it in this business you have to learn to improvise.

They certainly made a mistake by showing what it looks like and being used! Anyone doing this stuff on a regular basis can easily build their own as Tester did.

Only thing missing is a steel seat from an old John Deere tractor. :slight_smile:

When I first rebuilt a Vega engine there was a special tool you needed to remove the camshaft. It held down the spring loaded valves so you could pull out the shaft…Well I couldn’t afford to buy one…This was my car and I was making about $200/mo as a Army Sgt. So I got 4 friends…each with screwdrivers and they each held down the valves as I pulled out the shaft. The tool was more then what I made a week.

That’s really cool. Maybe I’m over-estimating the amount of leverage that you can generate there, but I would think that if you had a really stuck ball joint, you have the opportunity to bend the ever-loving-you-know-what out of the lower control arm (especially if you’re 300+ pounds and decide to ride the thing like the fellow in the video did…)

I talked to the Matco tool guy today. He said he’s been selling these for a while now. He quoted me $170.00. This would be a great shop item at an independent shop. Maybe even at some dealerships.

Hey Tester . . is that YOU in the video? :0) (kidding) . . . . thanks for the post! Rocketman