Stuck Bolt

The car is a 2000 VW Passat wagon. I am trying to replace one of the upper links on the front suspension, but have not been able to remove the pinch bolt on the outer end. There is a special tool for pressing it out, but instead of spending over $600 for that tool, I bought a ‘C’ ball joint press. I have tried: penetrating oil, sledge hammer, heat, ball joint press and a breaker bar. No movement whatsoever.

I am not familiar with that car, but you probably need that tool. I would suggest trying an Autozone or something like that. They rent tools out.

I highly doubt that I can rent the tool. It’s a VW special tool that is used to remove this pinch bolt, and the two outer ball joint ends of the upper suspension links all from one position. In my searches, I have not seen one like it. I put quite a bit of force on the bolt with the ball joint press, I can’t imagine that the special tool could supply more force, but I could be wrong.