Can SiriusXM begging be eliminated from Lexus 2021 RX350 radio?

Press Radio button to go from AM to FM. No problem.
Press button again to advance to AM. Get SiriusXM channel begging one to join.
Could not get back to AM or FM.
(Just discovered that it advances through THREE SiriusXM begging channels before getting to AM.)
Can the SiriusXM channels be removed? (Lexus IT man thinks not.)

Thank you.

I think your best bet would be to talk to a car stereo installation place.

My Pontiac does the same thing. Have to roll through two Sirius and two fm pages. Only allows rolling one way, can’t go back and forth. Same thing with all the other info like miles traveled. Can’t imagine how you would access and rewrite the software involved

Do you have a touch screen that lets you pick which ‘band’ to use? Otherwise I think you’re out of luck.

People don’t use the radio that way and you don’t like viewing the multi-display. You don’t need to use the mouse and multi-display.

Set your radio presets on the radio screen, they can be a mix of AM and FM stations.


Use the up/down switch on the steering wheel to scroll to the desired station on your preset list.

Or use the voice command to select AM or FM band.

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