2016 Mazda CX-5 — Sirius XM taking over the radio

XM radio hijhacks entire radio/gps system with ads. Have spent 3 hours on the phone with XM to no avail. Dealers are not helpful with this. What to do? How about unplug the satelite receiver?

How about just cancelling XM subscription and see if that solves the problem . Unpluging without cancelling the monthly fee makes no sense.

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Just cancel the whole XM thing and edit your post of the profanity as you will be flagged .

And you just can’t stick an old radio in your vehicle these days.

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Are you connecting your phone to the vehicle?

Nevada may be on to something. If the XM is accessed by phone then put through the vehicle sound system that may be the problem. Some features on some phones were lost by carriers going to 5G from 3G .

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I am having a hard time understanding exactly what is going on here. Are the ads interspersed with the content of the channel or are you getting constant ads? We use Sirius XM with both a dedicated receiver in one vehicle and using the smartphone app in the other. We haven’t noticed any recent increase in ad frequency, and they occur only on talk channels such as Laugh USA. Very annoying considering how much we pay for the service.

Kenneth got flagged for a post and I doubt if he will return . Giving his attitude and poor description of the problem I feel sorry for the person at XM trying to help him .

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I have talked to XM and told them that we do not want their services, but would like the ads that interrupt, without in evite, out other uses of the entire system…FM,AM, phone bluetooth, etc. We bought the car used (2016 Mazda CX5) and never paid for XM. XM said that the only way to fix this was to pull out the SIMM chip and reprogram it…but that makes zero sense as we had the car for over 4 years, without an XM subscription…because we did not want one…and the ads only started interrupting EVERYTHING beginning about 1Feb2022.
It doesn’t matter now, because we traded that car in for a brand new 2022 CX-5 “TOURING”…which does not “feature” XM radio…somebody else’s problem now. Thanks for trying.

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Are you sure that you don’t have a 3 month free trail for XM radio .