Subaru Forrester factory stereo....Sirus vs XM



Okay - so the Forrester was the better fit for me, but for some reason the factory stereo on Forresters can handle Sirus radio, while the Outback can do XM. I want to get XM in the Forrester. While I could go to the local car audio place and get a new stereo that can do XM, but I don’t like the look of those after-market stereos. Or do one of those XM radio add-ons, but not thrilled with the placement of that in the car either.

Ideally, I’d love to get one of the outback factory stereos that can do XM assuming it fits and looks right (didn’t measure, but seemed like it might just work).

Any thoughts on this?


I’d be really surprised if the radios in the Outback and the Forester were not interchangeable. The downside is going to be cost. The Subaru radio will probably be MUCH more expensive than the after market alternatives.


Well, you could just wait a while. XM and Sirius are supposed to be merging soon. According to the letter I got they will make the old radios of both types work for the new merged system.

I would guess that the actual radio has some external unit that receives Sirius or XM. It may be possible to exchange just that part.

As always, check with Crutchfield to see if they have a good solution for you.


I have XM and like it a lot. But a neighbor has Sirus; they also play Sirius at my Gym. Sirius seems fine to me, too. Unless there are specific features on XM you like that aren’t available on Sirius, I’d just get Sirius. You’d pay a couple years’ subscription easily to trade radios. And don’t count on a combination of the two soon. I don’t think that the SEC bought the idea that it would not inhibit competition. I know I don’t buy it.