Sirius XM: "update your car's radio."

Our new-to-us 2007 Chrysler Town and Country has a factory radio/CD/cassette that is (was?) capable of receiving Sirius XM. It was not an important feature to us, but we have gotten mail and email from Sirius XM offering six months free. I called their number and did the procedure at the vehicle that is supposed to activate it. Nada. Some weeks later I tried again, again without success, and they told me my receiver needed to be “upgraded” and to contact my dealer. I called my local Chrysler dealer - longtime all-Chrysler dealer, well-respected - and they transferred me from person to person and then to “if anyone knows, he would” - and he had never heard of such a thing.

Has something changed since 2007 that means that our receiver is incompatible with present-day Sirius XM signals? So what does “upgrading” mean? A software fix on the receiver? A new receiver?

I would ask Sirius XM but I think their phone people are taught a script and don’t really know and/or won’t really level with me.

Is the satellite radio turned on? It should have display screen that gives it’s status. It also has one promo channel that always works. If you don’t see any of that, then the receiver in your car is not working.

We travel a lot and love our satellite radio…

Just save yourself the hassle and get an iPod. They (Sirius XM), obviously don’t want your business, and the customer service from Sirius XM isn’t going to get any better. Trust me.

Agree with Caddyman. Also, check where you are trying to do it from. I can’t get a signal in my garage but as soon as I back out into the driveway it comes on.

I have found a number of satilite antenna failures on Chrysler products. I am not aware of any receiver updates. In some cases the satilite receiver had become corrupt and it was necessary to remove the fuse for ten minutes before activating the Sirius signal.

Disconnect the vehicles battery for ten minutes (then reconnect) before calling Sirius to reconnect again. (I assume you have the ESN number).

If that doesn’t work have the system diagnosed, you may need a new antenna or receiver. If that is the case an aftermarket system may be less expensive.