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Can just the plastic grill be removed from a 2013 Lexus RX350?

No other place for siren speakers but behind the grill.
Not enough opening from the top to get the speaker driver in and assemble the speakers behind the grill.

Thank you.

Sometimes yes…sometimes no… Helpful? Not so much eh? I say this because things like this are in a state of “Ever Cheapening” in terms of build methodology and construction.

You may only be able to find out the answer to your question by completely removing the entire front bumper or assy that contains the grille…if this grille is actually part of the bumper…sometimes they are…sometimes not. I think yours is all one piece…sometimes you can see screws for the grille when you open the hood. If you see some…it may be detachable…which is fine n dandy… But dont be too shocked if you dont see any attachment clues…its common these days not to have a separate grille. Like I mentioned…the only way behind that grille could be front bumper cover removal…which isnt usually too difficult…just a pain in the Arse.

Lift the hood and see whatchagots… If you see no screws…it might simply be snapped in…and getting it off in one piece without damaging those clips or snaps may be impossible with the front bumper cover in place often times…even if you have a few clips or screws for the grille…they are only half of the story…you remove whatever clips or screws and the rest of it snaps into the bumper…again…bumper removal if you dont want to start snapping plastic clips n tangs n such… Tread lightly here…The bumper cover removal isnt that hard to do…just more than you want to do…but sometimes that is the safest way.

Hope this helps… Methinks it doesn’t… Oh well…I tried


Thank you. Was able to remove some pop-up plastic clips and part of the grill is moving but can’t see what is below. Will need to call a body shop. Lexus dealer probably would not know.

The Lexus dealer parts counter is the first place to check. They should have exploded diagrams to show where the grill connects to the remainder of the front fascia.

Yup…I use that trick often… Or if you can look up your parts online…you can usually glean valuable clues to how it goes together…and comes apart. Good advice there @jtsanders