Lexus Windshield



My early 90s Lexus SC400 needs new windshield glass. There is a ?special? bracket on the windshield for mounting the rearview mirror. Lexus only sells that part attached to the windshied that they sell. If I want to buy US glass, how can I get this bracket off of my current windshield for use on the new one?


check with the glass shop, they see this every day.


Heat it with a heat gun/hair dryer to soften the addhesive that holds it to the windshield.



the glazier you take it to (for the new windshield) has the know how, experience and the tools and glue to remove, reattach and install your new glass.

do you live in Mass? if so you can get a new windshield free.


Likely there is no way of taking the part off the glass. The last time I tried something like that, it came off OK but with a chunk of glass with it. The glass company should be able to take care of it for you. They can get the parts needed. BTW the dealer replacement glass likely is made in the USA.


Get estimates for the work and ask how they provide the bracket for the new windshield. Even though Lexus only sells the bracket and windshield together is no reason to believe that is the only way to buy it.