2016 Lexus GS 350 spindle grill repair

How expensive is it to repair that massive spindle grill when some yahoo in a pickup backs his trailer-hitched truck into it? Am I better off getting a 2015 model that has a bumper in the middle?

So you don’t have insurance to pay for such accidents? On a 2 year old car?

Don’t you think the same Yahoo’s trailer ball would punch a hole in the bumper cover? It is, after all just a plastic cover.

I think you should stop worrying about it and enjoy your car.

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Gain a little protection by paying attention to where you park . You can’t always park away from everyone else but do so when you can . Most likely you will have full coverage insurance so your cost will be the same on any vehicle if you have to use your collision deductible.
Find something else to worry about and enjoy car like Mr. Mustang said.

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You could look on line at rockauto, ebay, etc. and see what the part is selling for. Also auto recyclers in your area.

I, too, find those protruding hitch balls kind of passive-aggressively arrogant. Well, at least selfish and lacking social responsibility, imposing an avoidable risk upon others.

If you look closely you will see that the 2016 GS 350 has a bumper in the middle of the grill.