Can it be saved?

So I got into an accident with my Ford Focus(2017) this morning, I want to know some opinions before the body shop takes a look at it on Monday. Just to prepare myself for the worst case scenario

Imgur with the images here:

A few things I have already noticed/heard. The axle is broken off, and parts of the suspension are damaged, I’m not sure if the transmission has taken a hit as well but there was fluid leaking onto the ground. Possible radiator damage. Also my passenger door won’t open (possible frame damage) but if it isn’t frame damage, what else could it be?
What I want to know is can my vehicle be saved? Or if my insurance company (Allstate) will total the vehicle?

I am aware that if it is frame damage it’s GG for my vehicle. Thanks!

It is quite simple . Any opinion offered from your photos means absolutely nothing . The adjuster is the one who makes that determination and there is damage that can’t be seen just by looking at pictures . We don’t even know what country you are in or the insurance company you have.


If there’s an outstanding loan on the vehicle, the insurance company will make the decision whether it’s totaled or not.


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Be glad if it is totaled, What was the speed?

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Around 25 or 30.

Your vehicle has no frame. It is unitized construction where parts of the body act as the car’s structural elements. As to whether it will be totalled, generally if the cost of repairs would equal 70% of the value of the car, that’s the end.


Personally, I think the vehicle will not be totaled

By the way, it’s not the axle that is broken

It’s the steering rack

Thank you for the input! I’ve been stressed about this all day and probably will be tomorrow. Is this based on what you’ve seen in the photos? I don’t know how complicated the repairs would be. Would the door being unable to open completely indicate frame damage? I’ve seen that this is often a very difficult fix

Let us know how it turns out please.

Yes, based on the photos . . . and also on the fact the car’s a 2017 model year

If it was a few years older, it would almost certainly be totaled

You can see from the pictures that the fender has been pushed back, thus making it impossible to open the door. I am assuming the door post is also damaged.

That is where expertise and the proper equipment come into play

If you have a loan; you hopefully have “gap” coverage. This coverage pays for any shortfall between what is paid and what is owed. It is available from most lenders. Many leases include it. You can usually buy it cheaply on your auto policy.
I always recommend; buy gap insurance; buy rental car coverage; submit all claims, regardless of fault to your carrier. If you do not have rental car coverage, your insurance company may be able to get you a discounted rate.
Good luck.

I will post updates as I know more information from the body shop