Is my baby totaled?

Hey guys thanks for your help ahead of time! This is the first time I’m involved in an accident I was wondering does my car look totaled? As you can see in the images the door won’t align with the frame and the quarter panal is pretty bad too… what’s your opinion on this? The car will be evaluated on monday. I’m in FL btw.

Only your insurer can tell you that. You did report the accident to your auto insurer, right? Rear damage often indicates that someone else is at fault. Even if that is the case, let your insurer handle it with the other party’s insurer.

Not totaled. Likely a $5000 to 7000 repair bill. The value of the car is much higher than the repair will cost, so not totaled.

No. It’s an expensive repair but it’s not totaled.

Well the thing is that the guy that hit me has no insurance :frowning: so I’m stuck paying the deductible.

Nice to see you have uninsured motorist coverage. I had a friend get hit a couple of years ago and his cut-rate insurance did not cover uninsured motorist. It was several thousand dollars and he had to sue his own insurance company.

I too doubt that the car is totaled unless there is damage underneath that we can’t see in the pictures.

Even if you have to pay your own deductible you’ll still get your car fixed.

You could always take the other driver to small claims court for the cost of the deductible but it may not be worth your time.

Whether it’s totaled or not is up to your insurance and your state’s insurance laws. Often the policy will be that if the repair cost is estimated at more than 80% of the value of the car it’ll be considered totaled.

I enlarged and looked carefully at your photos. It appears that the roof rail is bent. These rails on new cars are made of high strength steel and it may not be possible to get it right again even with a frame straightening machine. Such a machine is basically a large table with large chains, hydraulic rams, and precise measuring points on it. But these roof rails are extremely strong, and only an experienced body shop can give you a qualified answer. There is a point beyond which a frame can be straightened again.


Is This Little Car An “Si2015” ?

It’s a 2015 model-year, right? I’m sure that’s a make not sold around where I live. We have no foreign car dealers here. Please somebody, enlighten me. What Model-year, make and model car is this?


We have no foreign car dealers here.

Just wondering…where do you live that there’s not a Honda outlet close by?

That’s a Honda? OK. Sorry.
My Nearest (only?) Honda dealer is a 2 hour drive from here. Obviously, we have very few on the road here, unless they’re tourists.

It is a 2015 model-year?


Kids 03 vue got hit in rear bumper. Ins paid 2300 to fix it. Darn close to vehicle value if u ask me.

In the early days of “jaws of life”, the very powerful hydraulic device could easily chop through the roof pillars and the windshield posts on all cars. As manufacturers created stronger and stronger pillers and posts, first-responders had to get new, stronger devices. The original ones could no longer cut through the stronger structures. The vehicle in question has the most modern and strongest structures made. Bending it back into shape may be out of the question.