Wheel sizes

Hi guys - simple to you but uncertain to me - I have an old Fiesta with 155R13 all round but have a 165R13 spare in the boot - can I put a 155 on the spare wheel or is the wheel going to be a different size

It’s a little fatter; but, unless you have an AWD (All Wheel Drive), there isn’t a problem. Just remember that it is for short term use, until you get another 165R13 for the other side of the axle, or another 155R13 for the same position.

hellokit - thanks for fast reply - but is the wheel itself a different size - can I use the spare’s steel wheel with the 165 on and throw that tyre away and replace with a 155 or are steel wheels width specific

In the “boot”…which side of the pond are you on?

155 fits a 4-5 inch rim width, 165 calls for a 4-5.5 inch rim. Are replacing the spare tire or looking to put the 165 on with the 155’s? You should be fine if you are replacing the spare tire.

Oops you replied will I was typing. If the overall height is the same you should be OK using it for a spare. There is a slight difference a (few mm) in height. I assume both tires are an 80 series. If its a good tire and you use it as a spare only you should be fine.

on the english side, want to put a 155 on the rim of the 165 spare. but dont know if the spare carrying the 165 is a different size steel wheel.

Good site for tire info: http://www.tirerack.com/tires/Spec.jsp?make=Kumho&model=Power+Star+758&partnum=68TR3758&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes&place=0

It probably OK to put a 155 on it. Is it the same wheel as the ones on the car? If all else fails have the tire shop measure the rim width.

The size is only one step different. If the wheel is a wee bit wider than the others, it is no problem. It’s when you go to a 185R13 that you would have problems, maybe.

don’t know - simply got the spare out from under the car and put it on after a puncture - noticed that the spare had 165R13 on the tyre - all other tyres on the car display 155R13 so don’t know what the previous owner did - do I need to buy a new steel wheel or can I put a 155 tyre on the wheel currently carrying the 165 tyre size

A previous owner probably got a deal on 155R13 tires and put them on. The spare is more likely OEM. We don’t know what your Fiesta came with originally, so it’s hard to tell. If you have the tire off the rim anyway, the shop can measure he rim width for you and tell you what the usual tire with is.

Thanks all - will try with tyre shop tomorrow - great to know of all the ready responses - cheers.