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Buick to VW tires?

I have four snow tires P215/70R15 mounted on rims that I used to put on my Buick Lesabre for the winter season. Now the Buick is gone. Can I use these wheels on my VW Jetta if those wheels measure 195/65R15?

I seriously doubt that the wheels from your LeSabre will fit your Jetta, and the wider and taller tires might not clear the Jetta’s inner fender liners.

I suggest you advertise the wheels/tires from your LeSabre for sale. They probably fit a variety of GM vehicles.

Then buy another set of wheels and winter tires that are the correct size for the Jetta.

The wheels? likely not, the bolt pattern is probably different. The tires will be at best, a questionable fit. The tires off the Buick are almost 2 inches taller than the VW tires. Even if they fit, your speedometer and odometer will be thrown off significantly, you’re also changing the effective overall axle ratio, so your VW will be a little slow off the mark when accelerating.

I’m with McP on this one. The Buick’s tires are significantly larger. Stick with the recommended size.

Think not. The wheels definately won’t fit. The tires are significantly wider and taller than the size called for on the VW. The only thing that is the same is 15" wheels.

It maybe possible to mount the tires on VW rims. Then you’d have to see if anything rubs on the cars frame or wheel wells when the tires are mounted on the car. If the don’t rub they will fill the wheel wells and you could have a lot of snow collecting in the wheel wells when the snow flies.

I think you may just have to sell the tires and wheels and get new stuff for the VW. Craigslist is a good place to list the snows for sale.

First let me confirm that the wheels won’t fit. A VW Jetta has a bolt circle of 5X100mm and a Buick LeSabre has a bolt circle of 5X115mm