Can I replace power window motor?

I mean, do you think I can do it myself (drivers door, 2000 Ford Windstar)? I do my own handyman/minor auto mechanic stuff, but I have no clue how to take off a door pannel. I figure if someone can get me over that hurdle the actual motor replacement won’t be too difficult. Any suggestions on how to start or looming problems waiting to bite me will be appreciated. Thanks.

Generally shouldn’t be too hard, but you might want to have small hands to reach through the access holes.

If you have a u-pull junkyard near you, I would recommend going there, paying the entrance fee (usually under $5) and practice removing the panel on a windstar they have. Heck, you could even get the motor there if you want. Some of those panels are easy to break a tab on if you twist the wrong way, so practicing where it won’t harm anything isn’t a bad idea.

Ford often rivets the window regulator/motor assembly in place. If so, you will have to drill out the rivets and replace them either with more rivets (if you have a large rivet gun) or with nuts and bolts.

If the instructions I linked to are correct, the motor is screwed to the regulator, and you can replace just the motor by unscrewing it from the regulator.

Who knows if you can trust what you find on the net, though. :slight_smile:

These directions are for a '97, but shouldn’t be too much different.

I suggest purchasing a service manual for your Windstar. Something along the line of a Haynes manual. They don’t cost much are are just full of valuable information and step-by-step instructions for things like this.

Man, do I feel stupid. Going to a pick and pull, and buying a Haynes manual sure seem obvious now. Looking at those instruction makes it very clear I need to practice on a junker before I try it on my own! Great ideas, thanks.

Haynes isn’t helpful in this area. You might want to buy the regulator/motor assembly. They are available at eBay; typically for less than $100. One brand offers lifetime replacement, and it’s decent. I’ve had others that weren’t worth the purchase price, though. Ford is likely to charge over $300 for a new motor/regulator.

IT please expand! I have an 03 windstar and I disabled the passenger window switch, as the window works fine until it goes all the way down. Once it goes all the way down it will not work until I hit the motor with a rubber mallet. So wifey lowers the window partway so it can be closed again. I checked on ebay and got no parts for regulator/assembly for our 2003 windstar van. Thanks in advance. My other option is to drill out the rivets and replace the motor.