03 windstar drivers window motor replacement

drivers window not working … i pulled panel and checked voltage at motor when switch was activated 12.8 volts on this vehicle is just the motor changed or the whole window mechanism if so what are the steps thanks in advance bk

Grasp The Motor, Take Off All Fasteners, And Then Remove The Van From The Window Motor.
Just Joking.

I guess you’ve removed the panel and unplugged the electric wires.
First, put the window in the “full Up” position (I’d block it up temporarily) or you could get hurt. It’s got a spring that could suddenly raise the window if it’s down.
Carefully remove the water barrier (shield).
Unplug the window regulator motor.
Drill out the recesses (dimples) with a suitable drill bit.
Remove the bolts that hold the motor and remove the motor.
Put stuff back.

This van is 8 to 9 years old. I’d price a motor and if it’s expensive, I’d look into a pre-owned one from a take-it-off-yourself car recycling yard. That way you get to practice on somebody else’s van. Not all yards will let you take pieces from doors as they’d rather sell the door “complete”, but you can check.


I think a new price was $200, I got a motor for $75 at the local parts recycling yard (junkyard). It was a 2 hour project for me. As stated previously watch out for the window spring, in reading up on the net before the job, it appears it can be a tad dangerous. It is riveted in and you can replace the rivets with bolts.