Can I have a recall recalled?

Recently the horn on my 1996 Dodge Caravan stopped working and the air bag light came on. When I went to look up this problem on the internet I found a recall ticket issued in 1992 this very matter. A clock spring in the steering column is the problem.

I believe that I took the van in to have this work done for this problem. Can I take it in again and still have it fixed again without being charged?

A recall issued in 1992 does not apply to later vehicles, certainly not your 1996 model. Maybe there was a later recall, maybe your memory is faulty. No matter… give a call to Dodge headquarters, customer service. Have your VIN handy. You will get the latest recall information as it applies to your specific vehicle.

Doh! That was a typo on my part. The recall ticket was for a 1996 Caravan.

Contact the US government Department of Transportation to find out.

I’d guess that he manufacturer is obliged to fix it once, but that is just a guess.

A recall is a one-shot deal.

I could not take it any long I worked for dodge for a year. it is a shame theywere the first mini van and they they are still number on in problems these vans should be the best thing on the road but the chrysler corp keeps having the cheapest parts put in for mexico. all electric
like bulbs radio and many othe thing. you would think they would hire some designers from japan . AAA that mean they would use good parts.
their state of thinking is if we save on parts and if only half the people return for repairs they make money. offering a life time warr on 2008 models is a farse. wait until you need repairs. burning oil is common ware. you better blow it up completely. they keep putting their hands in other company,s and look what happens.

Unless there was an additional recall, then this one will count as just a common failure.

End of Story:

After checking with Dodge they redid the repair for free. This particular problem has a lifetime warranty because it could possibly effect the air bags from working.

Other recalls are only a one time repair.