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Is there a time limit on how long a Dealer does recall work?

I have a 1994 Plymouth Voyager that constantly blows a fuse and lights the Air Bag light on the dash. This was a recall item was back in 1995, but I must have been busy listening to old Tom and Ray broadcasts as I never got to take it if for this recall,NHTSA Action Number: EA98006.

Should I expect a dealer to look at this and repair it in 2010?

BTW, you’ll want to refer to this by the recall number: 99V113000

I Know That For Model-Years Right Around The Mid-Nineties The Clockspring Recall Never Expires. They Gave Owners The Option Of Having It Replaced Or Waiting Until It Broke.

I’m pretty sure you’re covered and “Yes” you would expect the dealer to perform an “open” recall. You have to realize that if you’ve got something wrong after the clockspring is replaced then you’ll have to take care of it.

Just call a dealer and give them your VIN (vehicle Identification number) and have them check for open recalls. Ask them if your problem is typical of a broken clockspring on these vans.


There is no time limit on a genuine Recall (voluntary or mandatory).

There are time and mileage limits on Campaigns, which are a voluntary, PR type of Recall.

The Recall will only cover exactly what is specified in the Recall bulletin. It will not cover anything other than that so if the problem with your vehicle is outside the realm of the Recall this would mean that you would pay for it.