Which oil for 2017 Acura MDX?


I don’t have to recommend oil. That is in your manual . If you mean brand all you need is the correct weight .

Yep, look in the owners manual for the correct oil specs. I’m pretty sure (after a 30 second Google search) that it is 0W-20 full synthetic, but you make sure, too.

As for brand, I’d use any major brand.

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All service while under warranty should be performed at the dealership. They will use the correct oil&filter. When you pickup your car purchase a quart there to have Incase you need to add oil between changes.

… and the OP should read–and follow–the factory maintenance schedule, which is contained either in the Owner’s Manual or in a separate booklet with a self-explanatory title on its cover.

There is an incredible amount of valuable information contained in the booklets that came with the car, but–unfortunately–many car owners never seem to look at those publications.


I use only Mobil 1 synthetic 0-20.

Bull. Only use it if it’s FREE. If not either do it yourself or have a good independent.

Why anyone would buy oil from a dealer is beyond me!! Auto Manufacturers don’t make oil. It’s made for them. And about every 5 years they send out for bid what oil will be in their house brand.

They don’t make filters either…made for them by one of the major filter companies. Stick with a brand name filter and it’s as good or better then the OEM filter.


A). Cost is same or sometimes less than independent shops.
B). Undisputable record of maintenance.
C). Good rapport with dealership yields benefits.
D). Free coffee, snacks, and shuttle service.

Go ahead, do it yourself. Purchase the oil and filter. Get the vehicle up on ramps. Change the oil. Then the fun part, taking the used oil back to be disposed of. File all the receipts and documentation.

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The oil cap on the engine will reflect the weight of the oil recommended by the Acura.

Brand? It really doesn’t matter.


Well OK, I do it myself. The MDX is high enough to not require ramps. You can order OEM filters for little over $5 each plus 50 cents for the washer, and Mobil 1 is less than $30 for a five quart jug. I have about 12 gallon containers I use for used oil from years ago when I changed oil every month. So once or twice a year I simply take them to the county recycling center and empty them into their tank. It takes me less than 30 minutes start to finish for an oil and filter change. All the other services though like trans fluid and rear end fluid changes I have done at the dealer. Of course my problem is the dealer is 60 miles away so it’s a half day deal even if they have good coffee. Cost is not really the biggest factor compared to a $40-50,000 vehicle, and I don’t ever have to wonder if the kid tightened the drain bolt and filter.

At any rate:


That distance does make a difference. My dealer is less than two miles away.
There are a few benefits though. Every 5th oil change is free, I have both a car and truck that are serviced there. Each service generates credit towards future services. But I acknowledge I am fortunate to have an honest service center that does not engage in ‘up sells’ or attempt to recommend unnecessary services.

While under warranty I’d either use the dealer or a good shop to have a good paper trail. My dealer’s close, so I just use them.

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@MikeInNH is right. This dealership nonsense costs people thousands in excessive charges and inconvenience. When you have the oil changed save all the receipts with the warranty documents.

Dealer is same price or cheaper than local mechanic for oil changes. I don’t want to do it myself, did that for years.

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The service data I’m seeing for the 3.5 L engine is api premium grade 0w-20 detergent oil. recommended: Genuine Acura motor oil 0w-20. I don’t see a reference to synthetic or non-synthetic, but maybe synthetic is implied by the word “premium”. As posted above, the car’s owner’s manual is the trusted source to rely on for this sort of data, not internet car-repair forums. If you don’t have a copy of the owner’s manual, you can probably google up a copy. Start w/ the Acura website.

I’m pretty sure the only 0W-20 in stores is full synthetic. I think Honda may sell a syn blend 0W-20, but I’d go for full synthetic.

It’s down at the bottom of the link I posted from the owner’s manual. Yeah you don’t have to use synthetic but try finding a non-synthetic in a 0-20. Just easier and better to go synthetic.

How does it cost more? If $39 at a dealership vs $39 at an independent?
What excess charges?
A free shuttle service is inconvenient? Or waiting 30 minutes vs 15 minutes at a quickly lube?

Sorry, but we get posters who ask such ridiculous questions as such and then never return… Use the recommended oil that your manual calls for and stick with it. It’s not that hard. You don’t need an online forum to explain that to you.


I’ve looked. The filter cost is more then double then the Denso filter I can buy locally. The oil is also double. I use Wix filters which are as good or better then the Denso filters for even less money. I’ve been using Fram or Wix filters for over 40 years with vehicles lasting well over 300k miles. Buy OEM is not any better,

I too have an undisputable maintenance record. I keep meticulous records. But never ever had to use them.

Used oil isn’t a problem. I make a trip to our town dump 3-4 times a year. Our town heats their DPW buildings with waste oil.

They have this thing called digitizing now. Look into it.