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Can anyone identify this car?

I was driving along when I saw the car in the attached photo. I didn’t get a chance to do much other than snap a quick pic with my phone and i’ve been unable to identify the logo (but it resembles a vauxhall emblem).

and the link to attach a pic doesn’t seem to work…

No picture…

upload it to or and post the link here.

Johnny cash car, 51 52 53 whatever fit in my lunchbox till the op comes bacj, nice thing is the mailbox will be getting filled as punishment for not responding!

this board uses hrml code, so it’d be
< img src=“picture link here” >

It’s Cadillac of some sorts; highly modified.

< img src=“C:\Users\danb\Desktop\mystery auto.jpg” >

ok, well that didn’t work so i’ll try the imgur option…

okeydoke…try this out :

btw, thanks for the idea shadowfax. i suffer from target fixation at times :slight_smile:

It’s a Limited Edition Aston Martin Dragon 88. The tipoff was the dragon logo on the rear.

It looks like a Vauxhall VXR220. Don’t confuse it with the Opel Speedster or Daewoo Speedsters, which have different logos.

Yep, that’s the Vauxhall VX220/Opel Speedster sports, car. Read more here:

jtsanders…I think you are right. I blew the picture up and it does have the dragon emblem but it’s not an Aston Martin.

Nice design but I can’t place it. I’ll look around.

I looked up the Vauxhall VXR220. That’s definitely it.

Holy cow. 150 MPH in a car made of plastic and weighing 2200#. Neat looker, though.

yeah, not bad for €36,000. funny thing is my first reaction was that it was a lotus (i was sort of right), and even wierder that i couldn’t find it, especially since i zeroed in on vauxhall. oh well…

thanks for the info guys

I would guess a 1960’s Caddy modified.