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Can anyone identify this car?

This car was rented from Hertz in Paris, France on 12/31/1999. We are in a heated discussion now about what kind of car it is. I won’t tell you what two manufacturers are being discussed so as not to influence you. It definitely was an american car, but not sure where it was made. One thing I remember was to put it in reverse you had to push down hard on the floor gear shift and pull it back and to the right, I think! It was a stick shift. I sure hope there is someone out there that can help identify this car. Thank you.

Is that the biggest picture you’ve got? It kind of looks like a Pontiac Bonneville.

That’s my guess.

If you right click on the picture it will get larger. Thanks for the guess but I’m sure it’s not a Pontiac.

It looks like a Ford. I can’t remember the European name of the model but in the US, its was a Taurus. These are very common in Europe for rental cars.

The picture starts out too small for good identification, and when I enlarge it, it becomes very fuzzy. Ergo, not a good situation if you want accurate identification of that car, but–in any event–here is my shot in the dark:

I think that you may have been driving an Opel Omega (which was also marketed as the Vauxhall Omega and the Cadillac Catera).

Although it is doubtful that any of them were sold in Europe with a Caddy insignia, somebody may have told you that your Opel was essentially identical to the Cadillac Catera that was sold in The US at the time.

Of course, the joke was on those who bought the “luxurious” Caddy version in The US, as the Opel/Vauxhall Omega was one of the ubiquitous taxis in Europe at that time.

I think @VDCdriver is right, a 1999-ish Opel Omega.

Yup, Opel Omega.

Don’t know if this went through or not, so here it is again…a larger picture of the car I would like you to identify. Thanks again.

Here is another one to compare with that rental;

Toyota Avalon was my first guess, but on the whole it looks more like the Opel photo Nevada posted above on second guess. There’s stuff resting on the boot which makes it hard to see the tail end design. It almost looks like there’s a bit of a notch-back or low profile spoiler in the OP’s photo. But that might just be an optical illusion.

Anyway, here’s a photo of the 1999 Avalon for comparison. Close, but no cigar.

since it was from the 90’s and it looks boring I will guess a GM product.

A boring 1990s family sedan was available in more than one model from the Detroit 3 as well as many traditional foreign manufacturers.

I’d vote Opel too. Yeah I used to joke that regardless of the make (foreign or domestic) I got the idea they were all designed by the same person and the trunks, hoods, fenders, etc. were all interchangeable. Even the boring silver paint was the same.

Definitely Opel Omega . . . unless my eyes deceive me. I lived in Europe for many years, so I actually saw many of them up close and personal

Here’s some more interesting facts, if you will

In Germany, FWIW, it was considered a pretty decent, upper middle class car. Definitely a cut above the usual Opel Rekord or Ford Taunus. That was not a typo. I mean Taunus, not Taurus. The Taunus was common in Europe, but never sold in the US

Here in the US, it was rebadged as the Cadillac Catera, and was a flop, as far as sales numbers were concerned. It also had the stigma of being an old fart’s car. Somehow that was determined, by looking at the demographics of the buyers

I also read that, in the US, anyways, mechanics truly disliked working on the V6 engine. Hard to work on, or something. It had some weird V-angle, 56 degrees, or something like that. Not the usual 90 or 60 degrees. I also remember reading that the engine was prone to some type of mechanical problems.

Interesting that OP is convinced it’s some kind of american car. I can guarantee you 100% that nobody actually liviing in Europe ever thought of the Omega as some kind of american car.

I can also say with certainty that nobody that saw one in Europe ever said “What a loser. That’s the same car as the taxi drivers at the airport drive.”

"Interesting that OP is convinced it’s some kind of american car. I can guarantee you 100% that nobody actually liviing in Europe ever thought of the Omega as some kind of american car. "

Hence, my theory that somebody told the OP that his European rental car was…just like the Cadillac Catera…or some words to that effect.


Maybe that “somebody” was having a joke at OP’s expense . . . :neutral:

It is a GM car all right but it looks bigger than the Opel Omega,with more rear overhang, more like our Chevy Impala.

'Maybe that “somebody” was having a joke at OP’s expense ’

…or perhaps the car rental clerks were told to tell American customers who asked, “What is an Opel Omega?”, that it was…just like a Cadillac Catera. In any event, the OP did not rent an “American” car in Europe, and his recollections have to be faulty in some way or other.

Opel Omega latest version and not very popular in Europe.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to help “identify this car”. I’m the big looser in this little debate…I thought it was an Oldsmobile Alero (they look similar, right?) and the other three people on the trip said it was an OPAL. I’m glad I didn’t make a financial bet !! I just have one more question…what is an “OP” ? I’m new at this…
" Interesting that OP is convinced it’s some kind of american car. I can guarantee you 100% that nobody actually living in Europe ever thought of the Omega as some kind of american car. "