Shaking/Wobbling Rear Tires?

My 2006 Tucson runs great 99% of the time. Every once in a while though, the rear of the suv shakes as if a tire is about to fall off. It lasts for a few minutes and then is gone until the next episode. I have had the tires and wheels checked and they are fine. The only other issue with the vehicle is a rattle from the rear when going over bumps…as if there is something loose by the spare tire (but there is not). I was told that the bushings needed to be replaced, but that would cause the rattle noise only, not the issue with the shaking. There is no problem with the front end or steering wheel shaking at all, it definitely is from the rear only.

Is there a specific speed that triggers this shaking?

I’m not familiar with the rear suspension on that vehicle but if it has bushings in the rear suspension that need replaced why couldn’t that be your problem ?

What might be happening is the lateral link bushings in the rear suspension are worn out.

There are two of these adjustable lateral links so the rear toe can be adjusted. And there two non-adjustable lateral links.

If the bushings in these lateral links wear out, it’s the same as if a tie rod end in the front wore out. The tie rod doesn’t hold the tire steady so the tire starts to shake.

The same thing can happen if the bushings in the lateral links wear out and the rear tire(s) start shaking.


If you’ve got suspension bushings definitely needing replacement, do that first before assuming there are other problems. Otherwise you’ll wind up engaging in an expensive guessing game.

If I had that problem I’d jack the rear end up and spin the tires by hand, listening and feeling for anything unusual, then tug and twist on the wheels to see if there is any play. But it sounds like that’s been done already.

Rear wheel drive w/rear differential/axel right?

hmmm … well, if its not the suspension bushings, I think you may be looking at a differential problem. I had a car one time that developed a severe wobbling sensation after the third member went on the fritz. On that car, once it started to happen, it never got better, only worse though. First thing to do maybe is ask your shop to check the rear differential fluid level. Nobody’s been messing with that fluid, right? It hasn’t been added to or changed recently?

George-this is a front wheel drive vehicle-quit guessing

Volvo writes …

"George-this is a front wheel drive vehicle-quit guessing"

Curious @“VOLVO V70” about your statement above. Are you certain this is a front wheel drive vehicle? Isn’t this a 2006 Hyundai Truck Tucson, probably an L4-2.0L?

@“VOLVO V70” … were you guessing the OP’s vehicle isn’t 4WD ?

George-this is a front wheel drive vehicle-quit guessing

@“VOLVO V70” … just curious about your comment above, since you seem so certain. Please explain why you believe this is a front wheel drive vehicle. I don’t see any indication that it isn’t actually a four wheel drive vehicle.

The Tucson should be either a FWD or 4WD.

I don’t understand why the shop would state some bushings are worn enough to cause a rattle but will not have any other effect. That makes no sense at all.

Bushings and/or shock absorbers can most certainly cause this.