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Camry rear end shaking

My sister’s 2004 Camry V6 will randomly start shaking violently from the rear. If you stop and get out, the rear passenger wheel is very hot. 4 months ago this was happening h but only on the highway. The mechanic rebuilt the parking brake and it has been fine. Now this is happening even at lower speeds (40mph).

Any ideas here before it goes back to the shop? I’m afraid it may have a stuck caliper but I don’t think that would make it shake.

Yes, a stuck caliper could manifest itself as a shake. It could also create enough heat to damage elastomeric components like bushings to cause them to fail. And heat up brake fluid enough to cause it to boil.

A failing or damaged bearing can also cause shaking and cause heat.

I strongly recommend that you consider this unsafe to drive until you get it diagnosed and repaired. If you’d like to get some information before having it towed, you can jack up the rear wheels and tryy turning them by hand, One will probably be binding. Shake the wheels too to see if they’re loose (signs of bearing damage and/or failure). Be sure the car is SECURELY elevated before doing this.

I knew about the other potential issues its the brakes but didn’t know that it could also be a wheel bearing. Thanks for the advice. I will try to remember to post the mechanic’s diagnosis.

I bid on a 2011 Buick Enclave with all the gizmos on Ebay and it was a rebuilt car from a total. I finished 2nd , the number 1 bidder mysteriously couldn’t afford the car but seems to bid a lot on this seller. Picked up the car in Michigan and started driving home , got a ticket for 80 in Ohio , the trooper said I think you have an oil leak. I text Ed the seller and he said you have to break it in. Long story short , high speed loose oil. 6o and above no oil leak. When I got to Houston I took it to my mechanic and he says the leak appears to be in the front of the engine and that you would need to remove Engine and Transmission to proceed. Also the steering wheel pulley is so close to the engine would be unable to replace the belt. I’m 59 years old and should know better but I was in love with this car and you know what happens in love. Also the seller has over 100 4 star ratings , but it looks like he uses this method to get rid of bad cars because coming in second am unable to rate him. My question , I have two problems , Can I take it to one place for both repairs?

Love is grand. Usually at least a couple grand.

Yup. The oil is probably leaking past the front main seal. The “belt” I assume is the serpentine belt, and that’d get changed when the front seal was done.

As to the “steering wheel pulley”, are you referring to the power steering pump pulley? If so, that should not be an issue, as it’s driven by a belt that will be replaced when they do the front seal.

But you’re gonna want to get a good going over on his car before spending too much. Oil can be and often is forced past the front seal by worn out cylinders/compression rings/oil rings allowing excessive blowby to pressurize the crankcase excessively. There’s an excellent probability that this engine is shot. If I’m right, than spending all that loot to change the front seal willl be a waste of money. As a minimum, you should have a wet/dry compression test performed.

Oh, and no dirrespect meant, but you should have started a new thread. The conversations can get mixed up when adding to the thread of another.

Sincere best.