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1998 Toyota Camry Front end

I’m having problems with the front end of my Camry. It shakes on the right side when I’m driving. Its rough at high speeds and not too bad when I’m driving slow. I’m trying to track down what it could be that way i could know if i can fix this myself. Any suggestions

It could be nothing more than a bad tyre. However it could be a potential safety problem. Not knowing how much you know about cars, I am going to suggest finding a good mechanic to check it out. Note good mechanics are not generally found in chain operations. Dealers may have a good product, but are generally more expensive.

If you don’t know enough about the front end to have checked out the wheel bearings and tie rod ends, you probably should take this to a mechanic. It’s not necessarily something life threatening. But it could be. And it could be something that will get worse quickly.

You can and should check and make sure that all the lug nuts on all four wheels are present and tight.

Can you fix it yourself? Sure. There’s hardly anything on a car that you can’t fix yourself with enough time, some appropriate tools, and sufficient ingenuity. But you’ll need tools and a lot of research to tackle most front end problems.