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Camry Security System malfunction

Hi Every, I’m the kind of guy who drives my car everyday without knowing too much about it. My 97 Camry which has a manufacturer-installed security/alarm system has been working great for me until, yesterday.

When I was driving on a really bumpy road in DC and my car suddenly to keep honking itself. The honking was OK (except that I might get a lot of angry faces on the Jammed I-495) compare to the real problem. It turned out that the security light was on (as if someone broke in my car) and the starter circuit was cut. And it stayed in that status no matter what I did (using my wireless key or manually locking and unlocking my door). Once I turned my car off I can no longer start it.

Does anyone know a quick fix to it? Or how could I bypass the alarm system for the moment? Thanks a lot!

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