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Toyota camry starts with directional

My aunt’s toyota camry will only start if we hold the directional indicator down when turning the ignition on. Has anyone else experienced this? I thought she was crazy when she told me but that’s really the only way it will start! It’s a 1999.

This could be a security interlock that was added to the car. I have seen them where you have to hold the high beam lever, activate the turn signal, activate parking lights or turn on the rear defroster.

I’ve never heard of this, but I know rattlegas to be a knowledgeable fella, so I’ve no doubt such devices exist. I’ll put this new information in my rarely-used-but-good-to-know bag.

Did she purchase the car new in 1999? Has it always done this? Or did this start recently?

My Corolla had a security device installed at the time I purchased it – unknown to me – and it later caused me some grief. I think the original intent was to prevent theft from the new car lot.

I’d like to know how your Aunt came up with this? My car won’t start so I think I’ll turn the left turn signal on and see if that fixes it. Varoom! Hilarious!! Thanks

I have never heard of something like this coming from the factory. Must be some after market or DIY anti-theft thing.

I’ve seen it more than once, and I seen it cause problems. Someone chops a relay into the starter wire that is activated by any power source. The problem is if the relay is not rated high enough or the wire connections are poor years later it turns into a mysterious no-crank.