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2004 Toyota Camry Starts By Itself

Had an issue with my in-laws 2004 Camry (4 Cyl) this morning. They’re out of the country, so my wife and I are starting and driving the car from time to time. Started it, ran it, backed it down the driveway a little to clear the snowfall from overnight…I turned off the car, pulled the key from the ignition, got out, hit the lock button a couple times on the fob to lock the doors…then the car started by itself. Key fob wouldn’t unlock the doors, the key didn’t work on the driver’s side lock, had to get in from the passenger side. Put the key in the ignition, turned the key to on, then off to get it to turn off. Started the car again, with the key turned into the on position, put the car in gear…no power steering. Put it in park, turn it off, turn it back on, power steering is still gone.


looks like you have remote engine starter installed on that car :slight_smile:

is remote genuine or aftermarket?

forgot to mention, no remote starter on the car. car was bought brand new, as barebones as possible (my FIL is cheap)

Before you dig any further, better man up and call FIL. He may have had this problem and just not bothered to tell you, and being frugal, hadn’t had it looked at yet.
Worst case, he never asks you to do him any more favors, or stops talking to you.

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Some toyotas have a remote start that utilizes the factory remote. It starts by pressing the lock button 3 times.

I looked at the factory options and standard features and didn’t see one for this model. This is very disconcerting!

I second the motion. You need to find out from him what you’re dealing with.

This is really weird. Checked the fluid level? Drive belt?

As a safety caution, be sure to keep this car parked outside until this ‘starts on it’s own’ issue is resolved. Fire or carbon monoxide. A friend’s car burned up one time due to a similar problem. Fortunately it was parked on the street. Even so the fire damaged the two cars parked adjacent.

Better yet either disconnect the battery or pull out both ECU fuses. It can’t start then. And with the battery disconnected no worries of electrical fire and
Worst that can happen is you loose the radio memory, and the ECU has to relearn idle and such.

Amen to that. Don’t mess with that car without the in-laws knowledge.