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Camry Front Brakes

05 Camry, 2.4L, 47K.

Replaced the front brake pads two months ago. I put in Akebono pads and did nothing with the rotors as the original pads were not completely worn out and there is no vibration whatsoever in the pedal.

The pads have recently started making noise on brake application. I’m getting ready to take them back apart and re-lube everything. Should I take some sandpaper to the pads & rotors to knock off any glazing? Do I hit it with a course or fine grit? I have not had this problem happen in the past and was thinking that maybe it is the quality of the pads but I believe these are oem…

Does anybody have a technique on resolving this?

First I’d try simply adding a dab of antisqueal grease behind the pad backing plates. If that didn’t work, I’d knock the glaze off the rotors.