New pads resurfacing when replacing rotors

I replaced my pads 3 months ago. Now I have a metal grinding sound (not squeaking). The mechanic says I need new rotors, and he will resurface the pads. I know I can replace the rotors myself; but do I need to resurface the 3 months old pads? If so; how will they resurface them?
Thank you

Rub a little sandpaper across the surface. Just need to break the glaze.

I would question the need for new rotors, chances are you just need an anti-squeal compound on the backs of the pads.

You might find when you disassemble the brakes that the outer pads are completely worn down, then you will need new pads and rotors, but this time, make sure the calipers float properly. Remove the caliper bushings (bushings are the Toyota term for the caliper pins) and grease them with a high temp synthetic grease or a silicone grease.

To resurface the brake pads, place a sheet 500 grit sandpaper on a flat surface such as a piece of glass. Then rub the brake pads over the sandpaper to knock the glaze off.


thank you. the pads are new. I changed them this past January; and even the mechanic said they look new.
Thanks again.

Tester has the right way. Doing that may keep them from squeaking too. It doesn’t take much sanding.