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Camry Cold weather starting problem

My 2004 Toyota Camry LE started very unusally the past two cold mornings. It started but the gas pedal have on effect on the engine. After about 10 minutes the gas pedal raised the tach reading slightly. After about 20 minutes the car was fine. What is happening???

IIRC this year Camry has a drive by wire, i.e. electronic, throttle. So there are two potentiometers in the accelerator pedal unit and two in the throttle body. These potentiometers are set up to work in unison. If the ECM does not get the correct reading from each set it will not command the throttle drive motor to advance.

BTW is the Check Engine Light ‘on’? If so have the ECM scanned for codes and get back to us with the results. Even if the CEL is not ‘on’, have the ECM scanned because the code might still be there.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the help. The problem is intermittent and is worst when the car is cold. When the check engine light was on the code was 2112. when the car is warm, it runs normally.

Throttle Actuator Control System - Stuck Closed
it is interfering with the accelerator. Was it fixed when you got the code?

What are some likely causes for a throttle actuator control system to be stuck closed intermitently (especially when cold)? Is is always an electrical problem or could there be dirt in the throttle? Can cold weather affect it?

Cleaning the throttle body would be a place to start.