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2010 Toyota Camry, 217K, 4cylinder, cuts off at stoplight but starts right back up

I was sitting at a stoplight today and for no known reason my 2010 Camry just cuts off. All the lights on dash come on. I was at a complete stop when it happened. However car started right back up and does no show any CEL, car rides as good as it did before. Should I check anything or has anyone ever experienced similar problems. If it was a one time thing that’s fine but don’t like ignoring things if it’s a sign of something more I should look into. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Have someone try cleaning the electronic throttle body.

The electronic throttle body is what controls the engine idle speed whenever the accelerator is released.

And when they get dirty, it can cause this problem.


Another possibility is the ignition switch is worn out from the dangling keychain. Try driving with just a single key in the ignition as an experiment. No dangling keys attached. If it never happens or happens much less frequently, suspect the ignition switch. Beyond that, next time you are in the shop to bring the routine maintenance up to date, ask them to also double-check the warm idle rpm and ignition timing.