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2001 Camry

Since summer my Camry’s gas pedal has been difficult to depress at random times from a stopped position. I have to tap it to get it to go down. With all the recalls going on do you think this is related? It has never accelerated, and the year is not in the recall.

Your 2001 Camry has a wire cable running from the gas pedal to the throttle plate on the engine. Somewhere along there, something is causing the throttle to stick. It could be a sticking throttle plate; or, somewhere else.
Yes, you shouldn’t delay to have it repaired. It could get worse, and dangerous.
A REGULAR mechanic can take care of the problem. You don’t need the dealer.

Not related an iota to recalls.

Get this addressed as it can be dangerous if it sticks in the down position. Your system is pure mechanical and the recalled cars are a blunder with electronic throttles.

Note electronic throttles are not trouble prone, just Toyota.

This problem is usually caused from a dirty throttle body. Gum and varnish build up around the throttle plate causing it to stick when the accelerator is first applied. Have the throttle body cleaned and it should fix the problem.


If it only sticks when the accel pedal is first pushed it may be a sticking throttle body plate or butterfly valve. This has happened on my 2000 Blazer and 93 Caprice.

Pull the air intake assembly off the throttle body and you should see the throttle plate. Clean the plate and throttle intake with Fuel Injection spray cleaner and a toothbrush.
The following link shows how to do it for a Toyota 3.0 V6. However do not use Carb cleaner, it may damage the coatings on the throttle body and the MAF.

Ed B.