Throttle wire

l have a 2003 Toyota Camry 2.4L engend when I hit the gas paddle I don’t exhilarate I can’t find my throttle wire am thinking its a computer throttle I got my engend check light cheked and It had a fuel pressure vacuum leak AF sensor f, failed AF sensor, open or shaft circuit connection, and poor electrical connections what can b the problem and how can I salve

In the interests of clarity…Are you talking about a problem with a Camry, or with an Old Town canoe?
If this does relate to the Camry, can you please post the exact codes that were found?

Your Camry has an electronic or drive-by-wire throttle body so there is no throttle cable.

How this works is, the throttle pedal has a throttle pedal position sensor. This sensor sends a signal to the computer. The computer then controls the throttle plate in the throttle body thru an electric motor on the throttle body.

So, if the engine doesn’t speed up when you step on the accelerator, the problem might be with the throttle pedal position sensor or the throttle body.


Allow me to attempt a translation.
You have a 2003 Camry 2.4L (4-banger).

There’s no (or inadequate) acceleration when you press the gas pedal, and you have a check engine light. There’s no mechanical linkage from the gas pedal, so you assume you have an electronic throttle that sends an electrical signal to the ECU (that assumption is correct).

You had the fault codes checked. The code(s) suggested a failed Mass AirFlow (MAF) sensor circuit.

If my translation is accurate, the only missing piece here is why you don’t simply have your trusted mechanic find the actual circuit problem and fix it. The heater circuit might be open, and you might just need a new MAF sensor.