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Camber adjustment

Any idea on total camber adjustment for 02 vue? I removed knuckle to get a stubborn wheel bearing out and I see that there are no eccentric camber bolts on the knuckle. But there is a slight bit of play when the 2 knuckle bolts are loose. Most folks say the front camber on most cars is not adjustable. I figure there is 1-2 degrees of movement if u really push/pull knuckle . So, do I need an alignment check after this job?


Just put it all back together.

No camber adjustment to worry about.


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I lifted 1 wheel off ground and let wheel spin at idle. Driver side was quiet. Pass side was GRIND. Last week or so it was moaning a bit. Seemed the same left/right turn. Until today. Went from kinda annoying to “fix it now”.

Hondas adjust camber in the way you describe. They even have special “adjusting bolts” that have smaller shanks for more movement, if necessary.

The Vue, as are most strut cars, are “net-build”. That means bolt it together and forget it. The factory lets it hang against the slop when they tighten.

A racer’s trick is to place a jack under each wheel hub before tightening and apply some force and THEN tighten the 2 bolts to give an extra 1/2 degree of negative camber. Or, you can also file out the holes just a bit (3/16’s inch) to add or subtract camber if the car has sagged a bit or to correct crash damage. They have smaller bolts or some with eccentrics built in for the same purpose.

vue seemed to track straight until I changed broken rear spring a few weeks ago. now it has a slight drift to the left. I have had it for several months and it has had highway drone/rumble since I got it. letting 1 wheel spin really pinpointed the noisy bearing. vs a cv joint or trans output noise?

Had to borrow an axle puller to get splined axle out of bearing. Pretty stubborn. Spun wheel again. Yes it’s less noisy. Didn’t drive it though. Maybe today.