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Saturn Vue front end problems

Has anyone had any problems with the front end? There is a rattle that we can’t identify


Can you hear it with the car parked and the engine running. If it does not rattle all the time, exactly when does it rattle? Does the sound change with engine speed? Does it change with how fast the car is moving? accelerating? Braking? ?? More info please.

How old is your car? How many miles?

I had some groaning and rattling noises from the front end on my 2004 AWD Vue. Some of them came from the upper strut mount bushing, because I could hear it groaning and squeaking if I opened the hood and jumped on the bumper. There were also noises coming from lower down, they were also strut mount bushings if I recall correctly. Unfortunately I got rid of all my repair records when I got rid of the car, so I can’t check the specifics for you. (Happiest day of my life, but that’s a tale of woe for another time.)

I believe there may have been a service bulletin on front suspension noises, a mechanic who subscribes to alldata should be able to look it up.

It is an '02 with 92K miles. We hear it while driving down the road and there is a seam. It is a clunk - no squeal, etc. Speed, braking, etc. doesn’t matter.


99 Toyo Camry has struts that rattel when going over rough roads.