Camaro that won't start!


My son has a Camaro that he bought. The guy replaced the fuel pump. Now the car won’t start. It cranks like it won’t to start but doesn’t! I’m thinking maybe the fuel pump might be bad? What or your thoughts!


Back to the basics… does it have spark? fuel pressure?


Who exactly replaced the fuel pump…the previous owner? Why exactly? Did it run when your son took possession? Did it run immediately after the fuel pump was replaced?

How much fuel is in it? A fuel pump isn’t designed to pump air. Perhaps it needs to be primed. A full tank would accomplish this via the pressure of the gas on the intake tube, but if the tank wasn’t refilled the pump may be just spinning in air.


As usual, no info given.
Year, mileage, any CEL illuminated, sputter and cough but refuses to start, was there any real diagnosis done or is this a parts throwing fest?

Why suspect the pump if it was just replaced? Obviously that was a wild guess.