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95 GMC Sierra cranks;no fuel

Hey Guys, My truck cranks, but it won’t start. If I push on the gas it delivers fuel and kind of starts, but it dies out immediately. I considered it to be a fuel pump issue at first, but I had my fuel pump replaced about a year ago so I do not think that is the problem, but I am not sure what else it could be. I am looking for some troubleshooting steps so I can narrow down the issue and get my hands dirty working on my truck. Thanks again!

If you turn the key on without cranking and listen carefully, can you hear the fuel pump kicking on? If you do, a fuel pressure test is in order. Low fuel pressure can cause either hard starting or a no start condition. Even though you replaced the fuel pump a year ago, the new pump could have gone bad that soon, especially if it were a cheap one. I recommend a Delco fuel pump for one of these trucks, nothing less. You can also easily rule out a fuel related problem by spraying some carburetor cleaner into the throttle body and trying to start it. If the truck starts right up and runs for a second or two before stalling, the problem is fuel related. If it doesn’t try to start, it’s ignition related. Post back with any further findings.

Agreed on the fuel pump. My dad has a '98 GMC pickup that has been through, I believe, 7 fuel pumps. I had a '97 one myself that went through 2. The fuel pumps are notoriously flaky around this year model. Too bad you have to drop the tank and hand over around $700 every time.

Good luck.

Copy that. Buddy of mine has a 95 model year. He’s replaced it a few times, too.

His solution (which sounds kinda like crap, but seems to work for him), is to keep his truck at least half filled with fuel. Since he started that, he hasn’t had to replace one. I think it’s just a fluke and he got a good part his last time 'round.

Before replacing the fuel pump be sure to check the power to it and make sure it is getting 12 volts to it. The fuel pump relay may be bad.