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Camaro supercharger

does anybody know where i can find a supercharger to go on a 1991 camaro 3.1. and dont be dissin it just cause its a v6 please.

You can’t just stick a supercharger on an engine and expect it to run correctly. Because a supercharger is a forced air induction system, it requires more fuel be introduced into the engine to compensate for the extra air being forced into the engine by the supercharger. This is done by remapping the computer program to add more fuel or replace the injectors with injectors with larger orifices to add more fuel. If this isn’t done the engine will run lean and could burn holes in the pistons.


Thumb through the Summit racing catalogue and see what performance parts for the 3.1 are out there.

IF you can find a supercharger kit for the 3.1 V6, it will probably cost about $3,000, including a reprogrammed chip. You’d be better served to replace the V6 with a V8 from a donor car, including the ECU and wiring. Then, if you need more power, a supercharger kit for the V8’s are plentiful.

I do not see putting money and time into a 3.1 and I’m not dissin’ a V-6. On the contrary the 6 cylinders can be mind numbing fast on the street. (Think Buick Grand National.)

A built 3.8 with a turbocharger (or twin turbos) will outrun most of the 8 cylinders on the street.
There’a 4th generation Firebird with a 3.8 that is an all-out race car and while my memory is a bit fuzzy on this, I think that car is running high 6s at the dragstrip. That’s beyond stupid fast.

Not available as a bolt-on. For a reason. Find a junkyard 5.7 tpi and have fun.Anything can be done but at what cost? Depending on your state emissions / inspections it would be cheaper and easir to do a v8 swap. It is a weekend job for that car. If you want to feel a little quicker change gears. Avoid the one wheel burnout it will tear up your diff. :slight_smile:

I am with OK4450 on this one. If you had a slightly newer Camaro with a 3800 series V6 it would be a great build with a Turbo or supercharger, But with the old Citation engine a complete engine swap maybe best. You still have a good platform to work with.

As other have said, we’re not dissin it just cause it’s a v6 - we’re dissin it because it is a v6 with NO performance aftermarket parts to speak of. As others have said, the 3800 is another matter completely, but finding a v8 cheap would be the way to go.

I don’t think many, if ANY, performance parts for that engine exist, and if they do, they’ll be expensive.
Even if you could find a turbo/super charger, expect 3 grand for the kit, plus you’ll need to beef up the bottom end of the motor and really beef up the transmission. This will cost a LOT more than just doing an engine swap.

Wasn’t the Buick Grand National a supercharged V6?? Few Camaros or anything else could touch them…What was that engine based on??

The Grand National was blessed with near bulletproof Buick 3.8L V6. The OP’s Camaro is saddled with the 3.1L V6, which saw duty in the Celebrity, Skylark, and Sunbird.

There was actually a turbocharged variant of the 3.1L made, it went into a special model of the Grand Prix. However the turbocharged 3.1L sported a stronger block and forged internals from the factory. The OP’s engine lacks such enhancements.

Dissin??? take the money you get for selling that to a female and the money you would have spent on a Super Charger and buy your self a V-8 Camaro or Mustang.

-tips hat-

Well played, sir.

Although there was a supercharged Buick V-6 it was not used in the Grand National. The GN’s were turbocharged and in the later years inter-cooled also.

chevyboy91, Please just give up on this never will perform Camaro. If you want a performance car BUY one, or at least one that has parts available for it. The 3.1 was never meant for power and will not make any real power without large sums of cash poured into it.

And none of those are listed as working with the 3.1.

That was the (subtle) point.

I agree with the others on this topic. Just do a V8 swap and get performance parts for it.

It’ll be much cheaper in the long run.


There is a supercharger for your kind of car: