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CAM2 Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Blend ATF

Anyone familiar with it? I had it recommended to me for my Honda Accord V6 5-speed auto transmission. I’m skeptical, but willing to listen to mechanics that are familiar with it an believe it is acceptable. Of course, I know that ATF-Z1 is just perfect. But if something is as good, I might try it. Since it has just been 30,000 since the last change, I have a few weeks to make a decision.

Honda has replaced the Z1 with DM1, it is a better ATF and is compatible with your transmission, and mixes well with Z1. You don’t need to do a complete fluid exchange, just the normal drain and fill. It is around $8.50/qt, you only need three qts, so is the savings using the CAM2 worth the risk to you?

I didn’t ask about savings. I’m only concerned about whether CAM2 will work in my Honda or not, and if it’s satisfactory, do I need to flush the transmission. I am aware that there is a new transmission fluid, but I did not check to see if Z1 is obsolete.

Honda’s are pretty fussy about transmission fluids…Why take a chance?..If your tranny fails, CAM2 certainly isn’t going to buy you a new one…

Simply stated; no. In slightly more words; I don’t know either.

If Cam whatever states that it is a replacement for the exact spec. fluid, you can use it but if it does not get specific, you should not want to try it. Well, you can want to, but there will always be that doubt in the back of your thoughts. It’s always too late after you pour it in.

Thanks for the comments. Judging by these comments and the lack of others, I will assume that no one is familiar enough with CAM2 products to offer an opinion based on experience. No offense, guys, but all the answers you gave are why I asked the question in the first place. I searched the internet and found others that claimed good experience with a few products. I was looking for a way to drain once without having to purge the system.

More information of questionable value: 1974 was the year. A man from Indiana gets stationed at Loring A. F. B. in Maine and tries to find Castrol GTX. There’s no question that the product works. He can’t find it and runs into more questions than answers. None of the auto parts places has a single drop of the stuff.

Six months go by and he finally finds it. It’s sitting in the back area of a grocery store under a layer of dust.

How does this story relate to the present day? Well, I’m looking for the first quart of oil that came into existence as a result of fracking. I know what you want to say. “It was never bottled and it’s right there on top of the water table.”

At best the cam2 will work as well as Honda fluid. At best. So why worry about it? We know for a fact that Hondas are picky about their fluid. No upside to me. I’d be surprised if you’ll find somebody that has actual data to share.


I’m sure you’ve seen the numerous replies where transman618 states that for Hondas, only Honda fluid can be used. He often emphasizes that with capital letters.

What kind of stronger data point are you looking for?

do you know how many different OEM specfic fluids that are out there. each man. has atleast 3 different ones for there fleet. I sale auto parts for a living and don’t have the shelf space for every one of the different fluids out there. i stock about 6 different fluids witch covers about everthing out there but some BMW’s and MB and the CVT’s. so to be safe have a spair qt of the correct atf with you and check the fluid at least once a mounth if you have a dipstick.

“What kind of stronger data point are you looking for?”

Transman himself, of course!