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VW Beetle Convertible Top

My window is separating from the convertible top and VW says it cannot be repaired but must be replaced. This seems to be a common problem. I do not see why it’s necessary to replace something that has only come unglued. The window is fine as is the convertible top. They have only come unglued. Anyone had success repairing this same problem?

Old beetle or new beetle?

I’ve always been told the same thing on convertibles of various brands. I’ve seen a lot of cars where people tried to reglue glass tops. They were pretty ugly. On some cars, a PLASTIC window can be replaced, but the labor is essentially the same as a complete replacement plus the new window. Yours is not plastic.

If you live where it ever rains, unlike the whole middle of the country thses days, water is going into places that the car is not designed to handle. You won’t like the results of that.

When you get around to replacing it, don’t go to the dealer. They’ll only take it to a shop that does tops. They don’t. Search the yellow pages, or maybe even Google for a shop near you. If you’re extremely gutsy, search Google for convertible top suppliers. I got one recently for a Mustang for $300+shipping. It came with minimal instructions, but Google had those, complete with pictures. MG tops are a piece of cake.

A top-shop may be able to repair the separating window…

Some automotive upholstery places are able to do tops as well.