Hazy Convertible Window

I have a cremepuff 1996 Audi Cabriolet EXCEPT the window is very cloudy; this is a sewn in window so, according to Audi, cannot be replaced without replacing the entire convertible top! Is there any way to clear the window up again?? Thanks

Try looking for a shop that works with convertable tops. A body shop would probably give you a reference.

Yes, sewn in windows can be replaced. No, they cannot be cleared up again once the plastic becomes cloudy.

Stop by the auto parts store. You will find a few products just for that. The better ones will help and if not too much damage has already been done, they will be good for some time yet. At some time your will not be able to do anything more other than replace it. Any good top shop can replace the window if it is needed. They may also be able to use chemistry simular to the auto part store stuff.

If that is an original top (1996) it is on it's last leggs.  Time for a new one.  You can do it yourself, but it is a hard job and more than most owners are going to want to do, the top shop can do it for you for a lot less than the dealer.  Why would you go to the dealer for a problem not covered under warranty?

It’s been a few years … forty roughly. But when the plastic rear window in my 65 Mustang convertible got too foggy and scratched to see out of, I went to a top shop and they replaced it with a folding glass window for a not utterly outrageous amount of money. I imagine that they can still do that.

Although I have no experience with these products either Meguiars or Mothers has something for this.

I also suggest the convertible top shop. 3-series BMW’s convertibles (or was that z-3’s?)had the window retained by a big zipper. Once you got the hang of it it went pretty smooth but was had to get the zipper started at first. Perhaps a shop could modify a new window to be held in the same way.


Thanks - I’ll try that.

Thanks for the help!