Cabin Filters

Would someone please tell me where to find the cabin filters on a 02 mazda millenia and some guidance on how to change them, the blower motor is making noise and want to see if by changing them I might get rid of the noise and get some fresh air

Most cabin air filters are behind the glove compartment or under the hood right next to the firewall, but yours is most likely behind the glove compartment. You have to remove the compartment, it is on two hinges that will either pop or slide out. Then you’ll find your filter, probably in a pull out cartridge or simply behind a rectangular door.

Thank you for your response, I tried that and was a bit intimidated since I did not see something that clearly made sense a panel or markings

Remove the glove compartment. Look for a plastic wing nut and remove the wing nut and the rubber sheet. Remove the cabin filter.


Thank you Tester I will try that.

If ou have a manual, the info is there.

My persistance has paid off, however you do not need to remove the glove box to get to it, it took a lot of unnecessary time and and effort, also there is no wing nut, my point is that though your response was appreciated it was not accurate there is a panel underneath the box that comes undone in a minute and exposes the black rubber cover that is heald down by a nut.