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Cabin filter location

Where do i find the cabin filter in a 2000 Buick Park Avenue ? Thanks…

My truck owner’s manual told me where mine is.

some are under the black plactic were the winshieled and wipers are.check your manual if you have one.or go to auto prts store they will tell you.also some cars are not able to change their cabin filter.once you find it not that hard to replace.

It has to be somewhere between the air inlet at the base of the windshield and the engine side of the heater/air conditioner under your dash. Yours is square rather than being long and rectangular, so it is not right at the air inlet, it is probably either in the passenger compartment on the firewall in front of the passenger, or under the dash. Under-dash filters can be a bit of a pain to access.

Thanks, don`t have manual…

Will take a look under the dash . Thanks for the info.

You should have 3 filters in a access panel near the accelerator pedal.
This link may help you: , it is a pdf file.
Good luck.

Might be under the wiper blades on drivers side. Look at removable black screen-type of panels flexible plastic. they might have little keepers or screws that hold them in. Remove them, and you’ll see another cover for access to filter. Probably where all the leaves and other crap goes.

Aftermarket replacement filters sometimes have instructions packed with them. YOu might also try the aftermarket mfgs’ web sites, Wix, Fram,…