Buying a new car that seats 6

are there any new cars that are less expensive and more fuel efficient than a minivan, but still seat 6?

I think the Crown Vic or Lincoln Town Car seats six with the front bench seat. Didn’t a model of the Avalon come with a bench seat, too? Not sure that either one would get you better mileage than a mini-van. What about a wagon? Doesn’t the Ford Freestyle seat six?

The Impala with a front bench and column shifter seats six, and I’m getting between 30 and 35 mpg regularly.

When you say seat six… how much room do you want the six to have to move their arms? Are you going to use the car for long trips?

Maybe buy a motorcycle and get away as fast as you can. Lots of people do it that way. Or they buy a motorcycle and get kicked out. Six of one…